Truth be told mama, I could not run my business without these tools!

Please note, these links may or may not be affiliate links. This means if you click on one of the links and decide to purchase, I will receive a small commission. This helps support the site and allows me to continue to provide awesome free content! I only recommend products that I've tried, tested, use, and love with my whole heart. <3


I have an undying love for Squarespace, honestly. I've done an entire video on why i switched (after using WordPress for like almost 10 years) if you want to check that out. But I've also talked about why you wouldn't choose them. 

But in short - it's easy to use, has some gorgeous designs, amazing features, allows you to focus and there is no real maintenance required.

I personally love it because it makes landing pages, sales pages, coming soon pages, optin pages, etc SOOOOO easy to setup. There's no hassle or headache associated with that one.

It can easily replace Leadpages with the drag and drop feature when building landing pages. (some coding may be required, though)

I personally am so happy that I switched!


I've used a wide range of email marketing tools, but this one is my favorite. (And I wear that awesome shirt of theirs freaking everywhere!) It is capable of so much and makes running a business so easy.

It has a very clean interface and makes it easy to offer email courses, content upgrades, or even have a complicated sales funnel.

You can tag your subscribers based off what they sign up for, when they click on something, or see what they're interested in.

Oh and visual automations recently launched and it is FREAKING EPIC. You can see step by step what your pathway looks like and you can open up your email series just by click on it.

I whole heartedly recommend ConvertKit. If you want to invest in your business, this is a great area to do so! I have this as one of my priority tools.


But honestly ... CoSchedule will save your sanity every single time. It's promoted as an all in one marketing calendar and it is exactly that. You can plan out your blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, and social media promotions.

I personally use it for the social media because it has a feature called requeue where it will recycle all your posts. The flexibility in this feature, however is beyond what I've seen any other tool offer.

You can tell it how many times to post and it will choose the best times, how many times per month it should repeat that same post, and set start and end dates for your categories. If you add a post manually, it will readjust your requeue around it.

It is freaking amazing. Hands down. (Extensive blog post coming soon!)


While I love CoSchedule, I know it can be a pretty spendy option. In the start of your business, it's important to keep budgets tight and only pay for what you truly need.

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that is very automated. You choose your desired schedule and then just add posts to your queue! There are even browser extensions and a mobile app for it. It's pretty easy to use.

The free plan offers 10 posts per social media platform and 1 connection per social platform. (ie you can only have 1 facebook profile/page/group, but not all 3) You can upgrade to the awesome plan for $10 a month and add 200 posts into your queue.

I used this tool for a very long time and it's my absolute favorite. It even offers scheduling for Instagram and Pinterest, which is pretty cool. (But it's not my favorite for pinterest, however.)

For mamas on a budget, this tool is AWESOME to start out with!

g suite

Oh my lanta, I cannot say enough good things about g suite. I love love it for so many reasons. It includes so many amazing services and it has made such a difference for me.

Branded email is kind of wonderful. We all want to appear as professional as possible and g suite helps with that. Your email lives inside their platform while still making you appear legit to clients and customers. Not to mention .. even if your site were to go down, your email remains since they are two separate things.

I also love the google drive service. I don't host ANY files on my computer anymore and it's easy to access all my files. Everything is hosted in the cloud and syncs to all my devices. I pay $10 a month for unlimited storage and it is worth every penny. Truly. I don't know what I would do without it!


trello & trello for business

I'll be honest and say I was #TeamAsana for the longest freaking time. And for me ... I couldn't get organized with it for the life of me. I would plan shit out and never actually do anything. I mean ... what's the point of that?

Then I discovered Trello. It's gorgeous to look at and so much easier to organize. It's a project management system that is built using boards, lists, and cards. Within each card, you can create checklists, comments, upload files, and a whole lot more.

Then we enter Trello for Business created by the wonderful TCC gals, Abagail and Emylee. They show you how to use Trello to its fullest potential - like getting so organized. It's only $29 for the course and I promise you will walk away more organized than ever before! It's not just boards, but built with strategy. It's amazing.

So if you don't try both of these out ... you're truly missing out. Anyone that runs a business, has a family, and anything in between needs not just this amazing tool, but the incredible course that goes along with it. It comes highly recommended by me!