get your visuals ready for launch day

we'll design visuals that are perfectly you and attract dream buyers

pricing starts at 3 installments of $399 or paid in full

You want to stand out online amoung your competitors 

your business only exists on social and you want to expand to a website

but you need visuals that are perfectly you and attract dream buyers

only problem is ... you have no idea what the fuck you are doing

messing around in canva is only leaving you frustrated

You need someone who knows their shit to design visuals that are perfectly you while also attracting those dream buyers



custom branding is a package that helps you launch your new website with VISUALS THAT ARE PERFECTLY YOU AND ATTRACT DREAM BUYERS

Just imagine after we kick ass together ...

  • You have leads chasing you down before your website is even launched
  • Dream buyers are discovering you online from your stand out visuals 
  • Compliments are piling up over your perfect visuals for your brand new business
  • You're more confident than ever with visuals that perfectly match you and your business

"I love working with Amber - she is an absolute life saver! Having her on my team has greatly increased production while allowing me the freedom to take a breather. She is an extremely quick study and does beautiful work. I highly recommend her to help you knock your projects out quickly, correctly, and efficiently.”


custom branding design

3 spots available for October

pricing starts at 3 installments of $299 or paid in full


in our time together, we will create ....

custom logo design

No pre-made nonsense that you hate happens around here. During our time together, we will craft the perfect logo consisted of custom typography, color selections, illustrations and more. Your logo will be designed to attract your dream buyers and create the foundation you need to build on your future success.

Marketing choices

We'll take the gorgeous design we've already created and extend them into other areas of your business. You get the choice of four (4) choices of marketing materials. This can include (but is not limited to) a blog post template, newsletter designs, business cards, packaging materials, Facebook ad graphics, worksheet designs, and more.

Social media design

In order for your brand to stay consistent, you need designs for all platforms. We'll design matching profile and banner images to be used across your favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You'll be all set and ready to bring your A game when we're finished!

brand style guidelines

Continue on with maintaining consistency with your brand. We will create an outline of everything you need to know when it comes to your visuals as you create more in the future yourself or hire on another designer. It will include things such as the fonts used, colors, variations of your logo designs, as well as rules of when to use something in particular. Your basis will be covered as your brand grows in the future.



Application phase

Client relationships are super important - so important, we only take on clients who we believe will be a match made in heaven. For this reason, we have an application phase. 

The application phase goes a little like this:

  • Fill out the application form with all the super juicy details
  • Get invited to hop on a call with me so I can learn more about you + your goals
  • We chat it out and determine if you need any extras (such as coming soon web page) 
  • We'll both decide if it's a good fit and if we should move forward
  • If it's a big NO - no hard feelings, I'll recommend another amazing designer for you
  • If it's a big YES - we'll throw a dance party, and I'll send over a proposal for your approval

on-boarding phase

Once we've decided we'll be super epic BFFs for life - it's time to start the intake phase. This is where we begin the on-boarding and you get the juicy stuff landing in your inbox.

The client on-boarding phase goes a little like this:

  • I'll send over a contract + invoice - you can follow the payment schedule or pay in full
  • I'll package up and send your welcome packet, timeline, and your homework
  • Schedule your strategy call to happen the week prior to your project start date
  • You email me with any questions you have while you get started on the homework


your project begins

Projects begin a minimum of 30 days after your intake is completed. I want to give each of my clients adequate time to complete the homework without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Once your project begins, it will go a little like this:

  • Complete your strategy call and go over your homework
  • If needed, schedule a follow-up call to solidify the foundation
  • I'll get started on the design project outline so I know we're on the same page
  • You'll give your approval that everything looks good and I'll get started on your logo
  • You'll provide feedback based on the guided questions I provide
  • We continue on through the process until you are IN LOVE with the end result

"Amber was absolutely amazing during the whole design process! She helped me to understand what design elements would work together, and that a brand is more than just the colors I like. She worked efficiently and always kept me up to date with where we were in the project. I plan to work with her again, and I will, and have, recommended her to any bloggers or creative entrepreneurs looking for a branded design that fits their biz!”


this package is built for you, babe


LAUNCH and impress


strategically designed brand


questionnaires about you


perfect client experience

custom branding design

3 spots available for October

pricing starts at 3 installments of $199 or paid in full

Just not sure if this is for you, huh?

You've spent so much time planning the launch of your new website. You already have decent success using platforms like etsy or Facebook. You have a crazy quirky personality that craves to serve people and you need someone else on your team just like that. You see the value in having someone to help you design the visuals that are perfectly you and attract buyers for your new website launch. But most importantly, you read this page and immediately think "HELL YES! I THINK I FOUND MY BUSINESS BFF TO THROW DANCE PARTIES WITH!"


You're new to the world of online business and have barely started planning a thing. You have lots of ideas but you're still bouncing around alot. You're not clear on your message, vision, or who you want to serve. The core of your business changes  every other week and you're stuck in planning mode. You know you want to find an amazing designer, but you're not sure what they could do for you. You need some fine tuning - you might even need to talk to a business coach.


Oh was that a bit too much? Oops. I just sure hope you love me enough to say that by the time we start working together!

I'm Amber Kristine - a whole lot of fun, smartass, sass in general, and I make people tilt their heads on a very regular basis. If you make strange sound effects and say "holy fuck" on the absolute daily - I can guarantee we'll be best friends and have a BLAST working together!!

I currently reside in Utah right along the Colorado border with my sweet little shih tzu, darling fiance, and sassy pants 19-month old daughter. I'm a Seattle native, so if you mention ANYTHING about coffee - I'll be your twinsie for life. (PS: brewed coffee turned cold and cold brew are very different and you'll thank me later if you go out and invest in a tody.)

I'm a Virgo. Semi-crunchy mama. Obsessed with all things Disney. And I freaking love anything covered in rainbows.

I spend most days watching cartoons with baby drool on my shirt. I love terrifying movies and suspenseful tv shows that make you cry. I'm also passionate about big issues like carseat safety and letting anyone marry the person they love - because life is too short to hate anyone.

You have questions, I have answers!

What types of clients do you work with?

I will work with anyone that has an online business! My primary focus is on moms who are building their own online based business. This includes virtual assistants, etsy shop owners, MLMers and more! Feel free to reach out if you're in need of an online space :)

How involved will I need to be?

I expect all my clients to be availalble if I need them. I strive to have the best experience possible for my clients. I help with a huge part of designing the visuals for your new business :)

In order to accomplish this though, I expect all clients to participate by supplying feedback, completing questionnaires, and hopping on calls with me. While I won't need you daily, you are expected to be involved and be mindful of deadlines.

What exactly is included?

At the end of your project, you will recieve a custom designed brand! I design all the visuals, marketing materials, and social media designs needed to stand out online.

Your visuals will perfectly match you and your business and attract your dream buyers. It sets the foundation in your future success.

Do you outsource any of your work?

Nomammmm! At this time, it's a one woman show so myself and I can spend time getting to know you and helping you design your brand visuals with an absolute BANG !! I do, however, collaborate with others in related fields if you need help in other areas :)

How does payment work?

At the time of booking, you need to pay a non-refundable deposit equivalent to one-third of the total project cost to secure your spot. Following the payment of your deposit, you will make two more payments - one prior to your start date and another 30 days after your start date. No deliverables will be transfered until all payments are complete.

Other payment plans are available to be discussed.

How do I get started?

My onboarding process goes a little like this:

  1. You complete the inquiry form and schedule your consult call

  2. I will ask you some questions during our call to get a feel for you and how I can help you, as well as answer questions you have

  3. I will send you a proposal to approve of that includes project cost, add-on services, and an overview of how it will benefit you and your business

  4. After we decide to work together, I'll send an invoice & contract

  5. Once I get those back, I'll send my welcome packet and some prep work for you before the project begins

  6. A week before your start date, I'll check in with you and invite you to schedule our strategy session

If your question wasn't answered here, feel free to reach out to me via my contact form and I'll get back to you!

“Amber’s drive, passion, and positivity are contagious! From the time I’ve met her, she has shown selflessness and the desire to help others. If she doesn’t have the answer, she will find it. Even when Amber faces adversity, she pushes through it with a giant smile. I highly recommend working with Amber!”


custom branding design

3 spots available for October

pricing starts at 3 installments of $299 or paid in full