You've created a successful blog that you love, replacing your day job.

You're working with advertisers & sponsors that you never dreamed of working with.

You've even started planning digital products that will help your readers in their daily lives.

Your blog is growing more and more every single day right before your eyes.

You couldn't be happier about the stage your business is at these days.

... but you just can't seem to keep up with all this crazy growth you're seeing.

you definitely don't have time to work on the design and tech stuff.

You really just want to hand over all this work to somebody who knows their stuff - let them design the blog post images, social media graphics, and free downloads. THEN, Let someone write & input your blog posts and schedule them on social media, set up the social media campaigns, and get your free downloads setup to get you subscribers on your email list.

You're not a designer and you're definitely not a tech girl, but you do love to help others with your blog posts. You're even ready to start helping them even more with ebooks, courses, and other offerings. But - you can't handle another night pulling your hair out trying to design the visuals and set up the techy stuff. You. Will. Scream.

I have good news for you: I can help you with the design and tech in your business at a speedy rate.




Cha-ching in the swing is an unlimited monthly RETAINER package that helps you free up your time and escape the chaos of trying to do #allthethings with your blog while increasing your blogging income.

Just imagine waking up one morning ...

  • New sales from your first product is lighting up your phone every 3 minutes - this is crazy!
  • Facebook is FULL of people raving about your latest blog post - and you even got paid big bucks from a sponsor
  • You're relaxing without having to worry about any tech issues - I'll be there to fix every last thing
  • New readers are flooding into your website from pinterest - your designs are attracting new eyes left and right
  • You finally have time to take on MORE advertisers and sponsors - and I'll even write them for you
  • You take the afternoon off to spend at the park with your daughter - your hard work is paying off

"I love working with Amber - she is an absolute life saver! Having her on my team has greatly increased production while allowing me the freedom to take a breather. She is an extremely quick study and does beautiful work. I highly recommend her to help you knock your projects out quickly, correctly, and efficiently.”


unlimited hours + speedy turn arounds + a quirky va supporting you the whole way = $900 per month


I'm glad you asked! My process goes a little like this....

  1. Click that super sweet button up there to fill out my inquiry form
  2. Immediately get redirected to have a 15-minute call with me
  3. We we both scream "HELL YES!!" and throw an epic dance party
  4. I send over your invoice + contract before going over how our days will look


I care deeply about all of my clients so no freaking way am I going to leave you hanging there!

  • You'll be doing epic dance parties in your living room when you see how quickly I work - SO MUCH will get done!
  • Since I'm part of your team, that means team calls and frequent checkins - I got time for you sweet thang!
  • Need a last minute blog post completed or tech issue solved? I'm on it as long as it's within working hours.
  • I put together a detailed timesheet every month so you know exactly where time is being spent!
  • I take a very limited number of clients every month so the focus is on you and your growth.
  • Most importantly - you can relax cuz I got this shit handled, yo - we will rock this together!

unlimited hours + speedy turn arounds + a quirky va supporting you the whole way = $900 per month

Just not sure if this is for you, huh?

You've spent so much time building your blog and you're so happy with how far you've came - but you're drowning. You can barely keep up and the design and tech of your business is struggling something fierce. You want to continue to grow and have a clear vision of what's next in your blogging adventure. You just really need a helping hand with the the look of everything and how it's working. You have a crazy quirky personality that craves to serve people and you need someone else on your team just like that. You value design that stands out and tech + systems that work like a damn champ. But most importantly, you read this page and immediately think "HELL YES! I THINK I FOUND MY BUSINESS BFF TO THROW DANCE PARTIES WITH!"


You're new to the world of blogging and online business. You've had lots of ideas but you're still bouncing around alot. You're not clear on your message, vision, or who you want to serve. You don't have any real strategy and you're struggling to get your blog off the ground. You haven't been able to get a sponsor to consider working with you yet. The core of your blog changes and shifts around every other week. You know you want to find an amazing assistant, but are pretty sure it will only be temporary. You're just not clear on what's next. Your blog needs some fine tuning - you might even need to talk to a blogging coach.


Oh was that a bit too much? Oops. I just sure hope you love me enough to say that by the time we start working together!

I'm Amber Kristine - a whole lot of fun, smartass, sass in general, and I make people tilt their heads on a very regular basis. If you make strange sound effects and say "holy fuck" on the absolute daily - I can guarantee we'll be best friends and have a BLAST working together!!

I currently reside in Utah right along the Colorado border with my sweet little shih tzu, darling fiance, and sassy pants 17-month old daughter. I'm a Seattle native, so if you mention ANYTHING about coffee - I'll be your twinsie for life. (PS: brewed coffee turned cold and cold brew are very different and you'll thank me later if you go out and invest in a tody.)

I'm a Virgo. Semi-crunchy mama. Obsessed with all things Disney. And I freaking love anything covered in rainbows.

I spend most days watching cartoons with baby drool on my shirt. I love terrifying movies and suspenseful tv shows that make you cry. I'm also passionate about big issues like carseat safety and letting anyone marry the person they love - because life is too short to hate anyone.

I really love these tools with all my heart:

  • Asana
  • ConvertKit
  • LeadPages
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • 17Hats
  • Dubsado
  • Typeform
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • MailerLite
  • Teachable
  • Thinkific
  • Toggl
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Canva
  • MeetEdgar
  • Buffer
  • TailWind
  • BoardBooster
  • G Suite
  • Lastpass

... and there's even more! I love anything that lets me play with tech and design graphics!

unlimited hours + speedy turn arounds + a quirky va supporting you the whole way = $900 per month