"Please Stop Barking!" & More Weird Things Moms Say


Recently, I asked the question in a mom group of "What is the weirdest thing you've ever said to your child?" and the response was absolutely HILARIOUS. Moms say weird things to their kids apparently! LMAO.

I was laughing pretty hard at all these, honestly. Most of them are about licking things so I think we can see a very obvious stage toddlers go through!! But nonetheless, we can all agree that we can get a laugh or two out of these.

I felt I just haaaad to make a post about it! I mean ... I can't be the only one to laugh at this shit, right? I'll leave you there with enjoy ... all the weird things that moms say. 

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"You don't put the cat in the trash."

"Quit licking your brothers face."

"Don't put poop in your mouth!"

"Stop playing with your brother's peepee."

"Get your feet out of the chicken."

"It's called burping not face farting!"

"No, if you leave the dogs outside, they DO NOT turn into hot dogs."

"Get your wienie off my pillow."

"Quit playing with your penis!"

"Get the French fries out of your nose and ears." 

"You can't lick people and expect them to be your friends!"

"Get your finger OUT OF YOUR BUTT!!!"

"No, you can't watch daddy take a bath."

"It is Recess Pieces, not Recess penis."

"Please stop touching the cat's butt."

"We don't pee on the Christmas tree."

"Stop showing the neighbors my boobs!"

"Is that shit on your teeth?!!!!"

"No! You can not hide cat litter in your sister's cereal!"

Just because the cat licks her self does NOT mean you can lick her too!! 

"Please stop making your peepee 'dance' weirdo!!" 

"Don't lick that stranger."

"stop licking your dad's beard."


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