Why I Switched From WordPress to Squarespace


You're ready to finally launch your brand new blog - but you're stuck on which platform to use. In today's video, I'm sharing why I switched from using WordPress to Squarespace.

I used WordPress for a very long time and until this year, thought Squarespace was a joke. I thought it was just this lame platform that lazy business owners used. Now I'm laughing at myself... After trying it enough times, I got hooked to the benefits Squarespace has to offer.

While I loved using WordPress, it definitely was a headache at times - performing updates, making sure plugins didn't conflict causing my site to crash, making it look exactly how I wanted, among other things.

This also caused me to waste SO MUCH TIME doing something other than writing blog posts or engaging with my audience. I love tech, which means it was easy for me to get lost in doing these things - despite the headache that arrived when I got stuck and could spend up to 6 hours trying to figure out this one little thing I had to get just right.

I heard of using Squarespace a while ago and I honestly HATED it the first few times I tried it out. But I kept coming back to it and after I was able to see the potential this platform had - I switched and never looked back.

Now, I'm so happy I finally fell in love with Squarespace as it has made things so much better for me and my business. Today, I'm going to talk about why I switched from WordPress to Squarespace and why I believe it is THE BEST option for new bloggers just like yourself.

squarespace is super easy to use

Squarespace is so easy, I'm willing to bet big money that almost anyone can use it - no matter your skill level. With the easy to use interface and amazing features, it makes it so simple to use on a daily basis.

these are some of the features that make it so easy to use

1 | the ability to build a blog post or page using content blocks

Squarespace is built on what are called content blocks - it's such an easy way to build your posts and pages. You can drag them around and line them up the way you want, insert lines, add a newsletter or image or create a button. I'll be creating a series of posts on how to use these, but let me tell you ... they're amazing and make things so easy to build!

2 | changing the design of your template is done with the visual editor

The visual editor is amazing for you non-techy folks out there - you can change colors, fonts, spacing, toggle certain features on/off, and so much more! And these aren't permanent! You can play around with it and easily cancel it if you don't like the design (both individually or the entire suite of changes).

It's super simple to change the look and feel of your website.

3 | you can make live edits BEFORE committing to the changes

One of the best parts about Squarespace is the ability to make live edits on your site before you even save them. You can add content blocks and move things around and if you don't like them? You can go ahead and hit cancel and try something different or leave it how it was originally.

4 | the interface is super simple to navigate

The interface is super simple to use itself. Everything is laid out in a very simple and easy to use manner. Nothing super complicated or over the top. You can figure out how to navigate it and use everything once you start exploring - without feeling your brain melt into a puddle.

You will save money with Squarespace

By using Squarespace, you can avoid spending literally THOUSANDS on premium designers, developers, plugins, themes, and so much more. These costs can wrack up to over $5,000 or more in order to have a website that looks professional.

With Squarespace, you can build and design a professional website with ease.  

All you have to pay is the monthly fee to use the platform.

there a few better ways to use that money

1 | Invest in tools like Dubsado or CoSchedule and sign up for the annual plan

Having tools to help you automate will not only make it easier for yourself, but your potential clients and customers. Use the money you're saving to purchase a year (or lifetime) of Dubsado, a year of CoSchedule, or some other tool you have your eye on! When you pay for a year up front, you don't have to worry about it for a while!

2 | Enroll in a course that will help you in your current stage of business

Now, I phrased it this way for a very specific reason: DO NOT buy courses you aren't ready for. They need to be aligned with your current stage of business. If you buy a course on Facebooks Ads when you won't be running them for at least another year, it's a waste of money. But if you buy a course that teaches you the strategies behind building a business, you will absolutely benefit from that.

Enroll in a course that will help you grow your business!

3 | Purchase equipment to help you in the start of your business

Another option is to purchase equipment to help you - a new laptop, a webcam and mic, a lighting kit, etc. While these aren't must haves in the beginning, they do help!

Another option is to just save that money! Put it in your business account and save it for when you need it ;)

Squarespace is super content focused

Squarespace designed their platform to allow you to focus on the content you're creating - not the design and messing with plugins, themes, etc. I've noticed a HUGE difference in this area since being on Squarespace! I actually focus on what I'm doing and get shit done, yo.

Squarespace allows you to focus on content in a few ways

1 | You can see every page of your website while you create

I personally love that I can make live edits on my site. This makes me more motivated to flush out the content so I can create a full website that looks fantastic and that helps people! By being able to see what everything looks like, you're focusing on what you're writing, rather than worry about how it looks and have to save and go check (I did this all the time previously).

2 | The platform is built to be simple so you're not doing other things

Another great thing is that since the platform is so simple, you don't have to worry about the plugins, the layout, the design, the security, backing things up, or any of that. (Although I still suggest backing up content as often as possible) Since the platform is so simple, you can just focus on creating your content, rather than trying to do a million other things.

no maintenance required with squarespace

SAY WHAT!?!?!?!?! Yep, I said it.

There is no maintenance required with Squarespace.

You do not need to update plugins and themes, pay for an expensive security system, run backups, and take care of all the crazy upkeep that is required with WordPress.

You don't have to deal with the headaches and stress of all of it. Squarespace has it handled.

launch quickly with squarespace

In all honestly though, launching with Squarespace can happen super quick. It can happen in a few hours or up to a few days. With WordPress, there is a lot of time and energy spent on getting things ready - plugins, themes, hosting, and so much more.

But as I like to say ...

"Just Squarespace it."

Seriously though friends, squarespace is fucking awesome. You choose a theme, change it up to match your branding, slap up a coming soon page and you're on your way!

Then you create some pages, maybe a couple of blog posts, and you've got a bare bone website ready for launching!


It happens so quickly and easily, it's unreal. No headaches. No spending tons of time and energy on the tiny details.

You can just launch!


PS: You can try out Squarespace for FREE with their 2-week trial - go see if you like it and get everything set up and ready! Then you can sign up for a paid plan and launch it when you've got everything ready and have fallen in love with it!



together, we are going to get your new blog launched with squarespace and turn curious leads into raving buyers!