Profitable Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms


Let me be real honest - I'm in a crazy ton of mommy groups. Like ... literal hundreds of them - some mainstream, some "crunchy", and others are somewhere in between. But no matter what group, I SEE YOU, MAMA.

I see you venting because you're overwhelmed trying to work a day job while being a mom to 3 kids that you barely see. I see you asking how to make some side income because you're struggling but you'd be paying too much in daycare to justify that day job. I see you talking about how much you need a side thing because only being a mom is exhausting.

No matter what the story is behind it ... I see you. I want to help.

Why online business totally rocks

Before we dive head first into all the business ideas and the huge list of things you could potentially do ... I want to talk about why I love online business so damn much. I was the granddaughter of a business owner - I knew I wanted to work for myself by the time I was 8 years old. By the time I was 12, I started teaching myself how to design. It's kind of in my blood.

But if you're not sure why you should care - let me break it down for you.


One of the best things about online business is the freedom it provides. It provides freedom in so many ways.

Imagine working your butt off one afternoon and getting a weeks worth of work done at once so the very next day you get to take your sweet toddler to the zoo instead of going to work. Or maybe you're someone who dreams of living the RV life and you get to check out the grand canyon in the middle of the afternoon and there was no traffic getting there. Sounds amazing, right?

Okay now what about this - imagine getting pickpocket in downtown and your iPhone goes missing. Normally ... devastating? But if you have a successful business that you've built to be profitable - you could replace that phone without a second thought. Or maybe your toddler outgrows her carseat and you need to drop $400 on a new one - imagine not even sweating about it.

Lastly - imagine getting to live literally wherever the hell you want. You don't need to pick some place purely based off the job market. Hell, you could even travel on a long term basis if you wanted. You can take work with you because it's all done online. If you unschooled your kids - you have the freedom to travel all over the country, or world, to teach your children, while you work.

Building a profitable online business gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms.


Believe it or not - starting your own business has the potential to provide more security than a "normal" day job. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. You can't get fired or laid off like you can at a day job, for instance.

Let's say you got a new job as an accountant, for example. You get paid well and regular paychecks and benefits. But let's say the company goes bankrupt or decide they don't need you. They can let you go at anytime. Then you're stressing out, trying to find a new job. 

And let's say you do find a new job - and the economy doesn't sit well with them. 8 years from now, you end up looking at the same situation all over again. You stress the fuck out for a minute before finding a new job to put you back above water.

But with your own business ... that literally isn't a thing.

Nobody can fire you. You don't need to beg someone to give you a raise. You don't need to worry about randomly losing your job. Need more money? Make some extra sales or book new clients.

It really is that simple.


Now .... you also have all the control ever when you own your own business. You don't have a boss hovering over you telling you what clients you work with, how you help them, or if you can/cannot turn them away. You make the calls.

I know a girl who had a serious nightmare client - but her company would not let her fire them.

I can't even imagine that. I would be beyond miserable - about to pull my eyeballs out and cry lots of rivers. And if I wasn't allowed to fire them? Oh. My. God. No.

In your own business, you are in control of that stuff. Fire those shitty clients and work with your dreamies.

Business ideas for stay at home moms

Providing a service

One of the easiest ways to start your own online business is by offering a service. Even if you want to open a shop, launch a course, or offer some kind of membership ... I still suggest providing a service either alongside of it or before launching these other ideas.

The reason for that is a service is the best way to make income quickly.

With nearly any other idea, you need a large group of people to make substantial income. Even if it's direct sales, for example. No matter if you're launching a product or teaching something, they all require to have a large group of people. With services, you only need a select few.

But what the heck would you even do for others? I'm glad you asked .... here's a few ideas to get the wheels turning.

  • Accounting for creative small business owners
  • Posting on social media for real estate agents
  • Writing in-depth blog posts for course creators
  • Proofreading eBooks for online business owners
  • Writing resumes or cover letters for college students
  • Designing workbooks, presentations slides, or social media images
  • Taking on-brand photos for online business owners
  • Develop marketing plans for creative entrepreneurs 

And that's just a list to get you started! Take into consideration your skills and background and get out there!

Selling products

Selling products is an awesome way to build a business, truly. 

There's a few different ways to do this: create your own products, be an affiliate for someone else's products, or sell someone else's products directly. All 3 are great options so don't feel that one is superior over the other - they're not.

1 | create your own products

If you're crafty either with your hands or with a computer ... make your own products! This route has an endless amount of options. You can open at etsy shop making your own shirts or jewelry, sell resume templates, or create your own premade logos. If you are someone who loves to create - make your own stuff! It can be a very rewarding path to take.

2 | be an affiliate for someone else's products

Not big on spending time creating something? Not a deal breaker, mama. There are other options! If you don't know what an affiliate is - it's someone who promotes a product for someone else and gets a cut for helping them make a sale. Lots of course creators have these programs along with your favorite tools and products. Amazon and Etsy have these programs in place too. The cost can range from a small 5% of the cost of the product up to a flat price like $300 on a product that's half that price. You just have to check out the program details.

One thing I will say though: absolutely do not try and promote something you don't already use and love. It's shady and gross.

3 | sell someone else's products directly

Lastly, you can sell someone else's products directly. This is also known as multi level marketing or direct sales. You'll partner with a company to sell for them - placing orders, working with customers, the whole works.

Some of my personal favorites and those of my friends include:

  • It Works! Global (I use and love their amazing products!)
  • LuLaRoe (I love the cute patterns and comfy clothes!)
  • Fundanoodle (You can learn more by clicking here.)
  • Young Living
  • Discovery Toys
  • Poofy Organics
  • Direct Cellars
  • Paparazzi
  • Isagenix
  • Lipsense
  • PartyLite
  • Senegence
  • Scentsy
  • Usborne Books
  • Younique
  • Herbalife
  • Pure Romance
  • Plexus
  • DoTerra
  • Perfectly Posh
  • Thirty-One Gifts
  • Beautycounter
  • Damsel in Defense
  • Country Scents

Note: this list will continue to grow as I learn of more opportunities. <3

My biggest tip is to consider your lifestyle and what types of things interest you, then do your research and join a company that revolves around that. I'm BIG on standing out - so also consider your own website, content, and sales funnel. Don't just follow the crowd and become "another wrap girl" (or whatever company you choose). Brand yourself and make a statement that you can help.

Teaching a skill

I know a lot of mamas who have a lot of incredible skills to teach. Why not put that to good use?

Here's the thing - you do not have to be an expert to teach something, you just have to know more than someone else! You can teach someone about carseat safety, how to play chess, or how to use Photoshop. Think about what skills you have that could help someone else! 

If you're the type that likes to teach and share information - this could be perfect for you.

Setting yourself up for success

Whew - we've covered a lot of information in this post already! Starting your own business to earn an income from home is truly life changing. I've seen friends who lived off state assistance buy their dream cars, homes, weddings, and vacations. I've seen the impossible happen for people by starting a new journey.

I get it - you can't go back to work because childcare is so expensive but you're barely scraping by. THIS WILL HELP, MAMA!

However - it ain't for the weak my friend. Starting a business is not something you randomly decide to do one day. It's something that takes serious hard work and if you're not pouring yourself into it - you might as well not do it at all. You won't see success overnight but if you put in the work - you'll see huge results from it.

There are a few things you need to real master to make it work.


Now ... you must be determined to make it work. You will have some days when you wonder what the hell you're doing and you want to give up. You'll have other days when someone sends you a heartfelt message about how amazing you are. The determination will help you push through the hard season.

Determination to succeed is an absolute must - no exceptions. Not a single damn one.

If you're half assing it, you will give up when it gets hard. And let me break it to you mama, it will get hard. Really fucking hard. But if you want this to work for you and your family - you'll back it up with insane amounts of determination.

I've been trying out things through trial and error for over 3 years now - and I'm just now starting to find my groove. Most normal people have that happen much, much, much sooner ... but if I wasn't determined, I would have gave up a long ass time ago.

Determination is key. It is the magical golden key to door #1.

Time Management

As moms, we have killer time management skills. We somehow manage to feed, clothe, and bathe all these crazy monsters while keeping up ontop of the house and our marriage. Oh and we make sure they don't die during the day when we try to go pee alone (ha! Who am I kidding? We don't get to pee alone! LOL)

This must carryover when you start your own business.

I've had other businesses just like this one and my lack of time management killed it. I didn't prioritize my time and where I was spending it so I was running in circles, not making progress on anything and wondering why it wasn't working. 

You absolutely must make a plan, schedule it out, and get shit done. No questions asked.

Hustle if you must, knowing it is only a season and when you find your groove, it will get better! It's hard but it won't stay that way forever. As you grow, you can automate and hire out. You'll blow through certain tasks faster when you have a process and you'll figure things out along the way.

Self Discipline

Lastly - you need self discipline. Life happens and things fall apart. It happens. But it cannot be an excuse to drop off. You have to have the self discipline to keep meeting those deadlines you have setup for yourself.

I've had some nights where I'm up at 1am shooting videos and chugging a cup of (it works) greens to make sure I get everything done. It was so important to me that I made sure I was getting it done.

If you don't have self discipline, your business will fail. Straight up.

Friends will call, family will pop in, and there will be mommy wine nights you want to attend. Resist the temptation to put off work to go out to these social events. Turn off Facebook notifications and just focus. Leave your kids with a Nanny a few times a week if you can swing it. 

Do whatever it takes to make your dream happen. I believe in you, now it's time for you to take action and believe in yourself.

what kind of online business do you want to start? what interests you about it?

let me know in the comments below!