Direct Sales Strategies That NEED to Stop (And What to Do Instead!)

Direct sales is an amazing opportunity for some and can change lives. But there are some yucky direct sales strategies that NEED to stop. Click the pin to read more (and what you should do instead)!

Let's be honest here ... direct sales has a bad reputation - many of the strategies are annoying, gross, and just bad business. I've seen my fair share of them and have been known to not always have the best response to them.

But there is a better way to go about business. Direct sales doesn't have to be gross. There are other things you can do. I love direct sales and the opportunies it can provide and the ways it can change lives. But I don't love the way some people go about business or the methods that they teach people who sign up under them.

In today's post, I'm sharing direct sales strategies that NEED to stop (and what to do instead!).

What is direct sales, anyway?

If you browse the internet for any amount of time, you'll see lots of ideas around what direct sales really are. But before I explain what it is, I want to talk about what they are not.

  • They are not a pyramid scheme (since they sell some pretty awesome products)
  • They are not a scam (since the products are amazing and worth the price)

Direct sales are however, directly selling amazing products to others without the use of a retail store or location. This can be done with in home parties, online marketing, or by other means.

It gets a bad reputation due to some shitty individuals who clearly don't know what the fuck they are doing. It's not a pyramid scheme since that's when you make money by literally doing nothing. There are amazing products that people truly love. And it's not a scam because it is worth every damn penny!

Since we got that out of the way...

Why direct sales are beyond awesome

It’s really fucking simple

The number of direct sales businesses that can be ran purely online is growing rapidly. Many of these businesses used to have a requirement to host parties and while that's still the case for some, most of them it is optional.

What you do instead is post about your life, answer questions if friends approach you, form relationships with people, and show how much you love and use the products. Like honestly... how fucking simple is that?!

You still have to put in work - but it's really easy. If you want to step up your game (which I do recommend), you should be creating content to provide value to your audience as well, but I'll get more into that later in this post.

You can literally do it from anywhere

It's based online, so you can literally conduct business wherever you are - from your phone. If you have a website, you'll post content on your blog sometimes, too. But you can still do that from anywhere!

If you go to the beach, take the family on a hike, are sitting in the pickup line at your child's school, or are off visiting your parents for Christmas ... no matter where you're at, you can still conduct business.

Even busy moms can do it

With some killer time management, you can still get plenty done and see results. The goal is not to talk to 1,000 people every day. But to form some solid relationships where you can help people. Become an influence so they approach you is even more ideal!

If you hustle, plan, prepare, schedule, make a game plan ... it doesn't matter how busy you are! YOU. CAN. DO. IT.

It has the potential to change your life

It isn't a guarantee, however. It has the potential, but it's not for everyone. You have to put in the work, do the stuff that works for you, and keep going long term as your results keep growing.

But when it does work? Ohhhh, all mighty. One mama went from welfare to buying her dream home and vehicle. I seen her post just today how her team sold $10,000 in only 15 minutes. I've seen others who were able to move out of their parents. I've even seen some who are literally crying because they can afford groceries. Or the ones who can finally take their family of 4 to Disneyland when they never thought it would be possible. 

But then there's the other stuff too ... like the best friends you find. The relationships you build. The experiences you have that you otherwise wouldn't. The people that you get to help. The sense of purpose you find.

It can truly do some amazing things.

You get paid for recommending products you love

Like honestly, if everyone conducted business in a very awesome way, it would have the reputation it deserved. You talk about that crazy new starbucks drink, that adorable notebook you found at target, or those shoes you HAD to have. The companies likely benefited, but you didn't get paid for it, now did you?

Unless you're a mommy blogger who partnered with them ... I bet the answer is no.

In direct sales, you get to use those amazing products you've fallen in love with, show them to your friends, and make an income from it. Post about it, show how it's in your life, get someone else to fall in love with them too, and not only do your friends benefit from those products, you get paid to recommend them to her.

PS: if you click the button below, you'll find a list of direct sales companies you can join. I won't reinvent the wheel by listing them here, so I've linked to a post where you can find them!

Direct sales strategies that NEED to stop … like yesterday!

Cold messaging

Serious question though ... who thought of this tactic?! It's gross and nobody likes it. I've been in direct sales and I don't even like it. Not to mention it's a numbers game, you have to message like 200 people a day and make a couple people will become interested.

The last thing I want is to get a message from someone I've never talked to a day in my life saying "Hey there! There's a sale for my cool product that you probably don't care about but please buy it from me."

Get out of here with that. Everyone hates it and you'll lose friends. Point blank.

Targeting insecurities

This tactic makes my fucking blood boil. Truly. Like how shitty of a human can you be that you target someone's insecurities in order to make a goddamn sale and increase your income?!


I've heard the stories from my friends ... "I posted a picture of Miss S on instagram with the hashtag #newborn and my inbox flooded with people trying to sell to me." or "I had someone approach me in the store pointing out my post partum belly." or "I had a random stranger message me only days after I gave birth trying to sell it to me"

And you know what happens? A woman who just gave life is now feeling like absolute fucking shit because you pointed it out to her about how she needs to "get rid of it" or "fix that" or "get her old body back". 


Acting spammy

I've seen this happen too many times ... I did this for a few weeks, myself. People are wonderful individuals that show their life to their friends. They talk about anything and everything that interests them.

They talk about their kids, food they like, vacations they want to take, a funny encounter at the store they had, or some awesome article that they read that you just have to read yourself.

... and then they sign up with a direct sales company.

Suddenly, they have no idea how to be a human anymore. They turn into a damn sales kiosk. They post gross ads, follow/unfollow people, message them trying to be salesy, and so much more.

Here's the kicker: it's better to show your life and you using the products. It comes across way better.

Randomly adding people

You know how I know people do this? Because I myself have done it. For like two seconds before I kicked myself in the head and realize it's a bullshit nasty thing to do.

There is a reason that people will put "If you're going to sell to me, don't fucking add me" in their bio line instead of an actual bio. People randomly add others who they have literally nothing in common with just to try and talk to them and sell to them.


Form a relationship in a group first or something, then add them when you're both cool with it.

Following scripts forever

Scripts can be amazing and useful, but only when you're brand new and need a direction. In the start, it can be rough figuring out what to say and some people need a help to get started. But you should also be modifying that script to sound like you, and sound like an actual human being.

Once you find your groove, just talk. Have a conversation. Be a goddamn human. Don't use scripts. It makes people feel shitty. Like you're a telemarketer, reading a script to them instead of being personable.

providing false information

So this isn't exactly a strategy ... but it needs to be included. I can't even tell you how many people I've seen online that give out the wrong information to people online. When you are brand new, you absolutely need to fact check every little thing!

When you just start, hit up your family and friends WITH INFORMATION SHEETS IN FRONT OF YOU - no exceptions. And for the first several weeks, you should be studying those for all the major products like it's your damn college final. Not only does bad information potentially ruin the reputation of a company when you set up false expectations, it can cause issues with your client.

And if you're in the health and wellness industry .... always alway always recommend they consult with a doctor if they have a concern with a particular health condition! Take that shit serious, yo.

Failing to take care of your customers

After you sign up a customer, you need to take care of them. Point blank. Do not treat them like a paycheck! Make sure you are taking care of them and going above and beyond to create an exceptional experience. You can do this by:

  • Sending them a welcome email with vital information about using their products
  • Creating a Facebook community for your customers with tutorials on using the products
  • Follow up with them to see how things are going and if they have any questions
  • Mailing them a thank you packet with personal recommendations

And that's just a few things you can do! Make sure they are taken care of.

Direct sales strategies that will make you a rockstar

True relationship building

The fake spammy shit needs to stop, we know that. What you really need to do is work on building relationships. Join groups that align with your interests - Disney, pitbulls, knitting, whatever it is.... and provide value in the group. Don't ever mention you're with xyz company. 

Form a connection and then after a while, add the person you formed a connection with.

Then start becoming friends with them on a deeper level. Talk to them, learn about thier interests and just be human. Let the sales naturally follow.

Providing value to your audience

You know what people love? People who actually give a fuck about them. I've been praised for the way I interact with people and how I conduct myself. While it's a nice compliment ... it also shows how many yucky individuals are online. And it makes me pretty sad, to be honest.

A wonderful thing you can do is to provide value to your audience. Have genuine conversations online. Provide tips and tricks to help people improve their well being. Host Facebook live events helping them.

Become a personal of influence so people trust what you say and helping them will benefit you way more than anything.

Building a website with intention

This isn't exactly a requirement, but it can really help. Everyone is using Facebook in similar ways. Imagine if you had a full website of blog posts of content related to what you do. you show how awesome your products are, what you love and hate, and everything in between.

Not only will more people find you because you'll pop up in Google search and Pinterest ... but it creates more trust. If you build your website properly, it can really help you.

Making people love YOU

Here's the thing - there are a million other people online doing the same thing as you. Direct sales isn't new and more than likely, the company you are with isn't new either. What you're trying to sell isn't anything new.

The trick is to make people love YOU and how you run your business. Why should they buy from you over someone else?

If they fall in love with you, connect with you, and trust you, they will be more likely to buy.

What direct sales strategies have you seen that you hate? What ones do you love?

Let me know in the comments