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Hey there, mama!

I'm amber kristine, a designer helping other mamas launch their first website so they can earn an income from home.


Here's the thing - struggling to get by is a bullshit way to live.

chasing toddlers. cleaning the hurricane. no money for a spa day.

can i get a fuck that shit up in here?

We've seen it - friends are desperate for cash so they flood your inbox

they try to shove awesome products in your face

practically beg you to hand them money to join their team

I love direct sales - but those strategies are fucking shitty

there is another way - and i'll help you

you deserve to make an income from home 

you deserve to not worry about finances

you deserve to stay home with your babies

you deserve to live on your own terms

you deserve to have the best of both worlds

Why should you give a shit about me?

I want to actually help you 

I know the struggle - you're financially hurting but a day job is pointless when childcare cost so damn much. I've watched mamas go from welfare to dream homes and cars. 

I want to help you get there too.

I love direct sales, hate the strategies

I'm fucking tired of the bullshit strategies I see around direct sales. I love how they can change the lives of so many and make big things possible. What I don't love? The pushy cold messages. Approaching moms of newborns to comment on her body. Adding people to groups without permission. You get the idea.

But there is another way. One that doesn't involve you annoying the shit out of friends and making them hate you.

i'm a lover of all business models

Sell your services. Start an etsy shop and sell handmade awesomeness. Become an affiliate marketer. Start your own business in direct sales.

I love the shit out of it all.

My free content is about to blow your fucking mind

Seriously - I'm new to the game with helping you but I have some crazy shit planned. Epic blog content, videos that are actionable and if you join me over in the #RockstarBossMoms community ... you'll get free trainings several times a week.

I cuss like a goddamn sailor and I'm fucking weird

If you're more "mainstream" and hate the word fuck, follow the world by social rules (whatever the hell that is) and never ever say anything bizzare as fuck ...

You probably won't like me. In fact, you'll probably want to insult me and throw a pie at my face.

Back away slowly.

I'm not your average mom

It's not all business around here - I'm here to cry on when you discover your sweet toddler just shit all over the floor and decided to turn it into fingerpaint.

I'm also not mainstream whatsoever. I have "crazy" beliefs and when it comes to online (because I'm awkward as fuck in person) I'm pretty damn outspoken and not everyone likes it.

All in all ... i'm cool as shit and I will bend over backwards to try and help you reach your goals. #yesiamtheshit

Ready to make shit happen in your life?

Free live trainings. Daily prompts to connect with others. In depth help with your struggles. It's going to be fucking epic.